• I’m Back!

    I have not posted since I joined twitter, but I want to write more and more often, I think. Super Bowl always seems like a […]

  • Make your own joke!

    Saw them at Walmart today. Sounds like a medical condition, sorry sir but it seems you have massive googly balls.

  • Truck of the day

    Got to speak with the driver today and he was headed to Omaha for a concert next week.  

  • Hey, I’m still here!

    Had this truck in my lot the other day and it made me laugh.   All I can remember is Poor Jim kept getting all […]

  • Hey!

    I am still here. Picture above is from my drive home from Amarillo last Monday, Since the beginning of April I have been assigned to […]

  • Back writing on a travel day with some random thoughts

    So today I am traveling home for a much needed conjugal visit. I am officially a hotel bitch. I spent the last few days working […]

  • White Christmas, not all it’s cracked up to be!

    Above is what my car looked like when I walked out of work at 10:30 PM Christmas night. As a trade off for getting a […]

  • What’s up Santa?

      I saw Santa today! In Ardmore, Oklahoma, no less. I was at work today when I saw a gentleman that looked amazingly like Santa. […]

  • Good Bye Holiday Inn, Hello Houston!

      Getting ready to head south to spend a few days with the folks. I hate moving day, I have accumulated too many things and […]

  • Update

      Still looking good and feeling good. I am currently in Greenville, TX. Packing up and getting ready to head South and see Nana and […]

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