I am still here. Picture above is from my drive home from Amarillo last Monday,

Since the beginning of April I have been assigned to my permanent location in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Laila will be joining me in mid July as we move in to our new home in Ardmore.


So we will be located halfway between Dallas and Oklahoma City. By the way if you are from Oklahoma, OKC is always just referred to as “The City”. This confused me at first and painted me as an outsider when somebody would say I am going to the city and I would ask what city.

I am very glad that after over 9 months living in hotels, I will have my bride by my side and a house to relax in. I am also sad to be leaving Georgia after over 11 years. Other than my time growing up in Houston it is the longest I have lived anywhere. North Georgia is a beautiful place to live and I wouldn’t mind living there again.

So now that everyone knows what the plan is, I hope to start posting more.





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