Still looking good and feeling good.

I am currently in Greenville, TX. Packing up and getting ready to head South and see Nana and Papa for the weekend. The plan for obvious reasons is to get a haircut and make chicken and dumplings, but not at the same time.

Since last update I finished my time in Louissanna, spent a few days learning about food safety in Fort Worth and worked the last few in days in Caddo Mills, TX.

We are getting closer to the point where I am told where my home should be for the next year at least.

I know I have now been on the road a little bit too long. When I was home last I had forgotten my preferred position of shower for proper temperature. Also my key quit working at hotel I am at and when they asked me my room number I said 404 and they looked at me strange as the hotel only has 3 floors. Oops that was last week’s room number.

Looking forward to being out of a hotel for a few days at least.




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