Back writing on a travel day with some random thoughts


So today I am traveling home for a much needed conjugal visit.

I am officially a hotel bitch. I spent the last few days working in Ardmore, Oklahoma at a Candlewood Suites. I kind of wish that Greenville, Texas where I have spent most of my time had one. The staff at the Holiday Inn there have been superb to me by their friendliness and by giving me the same suite every time. But the Candlewood had a full kitchen, full size fridge, free laundry, DVD player, DVD library and Dish Network with movie channels. The room isn’t as nice but it would be awesome to be able to cook for myself at times.

So I check in to a very nice hotel Holiday Inn in Grapevine near DFW last night and there were no suites available. Nice room but no fridge.  I was dissapointed. It did have decent restaurants in walking distance.

Unfortunately I missed my first flight ever this AM due to me booking a 5:15 AM flight. I had ambition and a plan but the Jim Beam had another idea when I woke up at 5 AM and had to scramble.

Now most people would have been freaked out but I immediately decided to take another path. I decided I didn’t care and decided to approach the whole thing with indifference and nonchalance. I called United Airlines and was told that I would have to call travel agency who books for my company. When speaking with them I was told since it was a code share flight being operated by US Airways they couldn’t book it. It was also at the discretion of airline if they wanted to book me on another flight. They could actually just consider it a no show and not issue a refund. Their reccomendation was to go to United counter and see what they could do for me. She also said that they would charge me $75 for changing my ticket.

In the spirit of indifference I decided to not take any luggage other than my lap top and the clothes I was going to wear. If it’s not at home, I don’t need it. So other than clean under wear I figured there probably wouldn’t be an issue.

I got to airport around 6 AM and took the remote parking lot bus to the terminal flight took off from. While riding bus I noticed every person on bus but me  was texting and surfing the web on their fancy smart phones. I think I would have rather lived before the invention of the cell phone. Before everyone was wrapped up in their own little world.

After much walking around I determined that unfortunately this was the US Airways terminal and not United. Undeterred I strolled like a man with no cares and all the time in the world to the US Airways full service counter and hoped I could charm my way on to a flight, if not I figured I would just hop in car and drive the 15 hours home and figure a way to explain to my company why they spent $500 dollars for me not to fly home. I figured I would get dismissed and told I had to got to United counter.

I was in luck. The gentleman that was manning the only full service spot possibly was playing for the other team. I determined this as my gaydar was going off already when he dismissed the attractive lady in front of me with an indifference that was matched only by mine. Like my son likes to say “Dad, you have a way with the ladies!” Also in my life I have for some reason have a way with members of the same sex. He was very accomadating and did not even charge me a fee for changing flights.

So I now sit in the Charlotte Airport waiting for my connection and will arrive only 4 hours late.

Sometimes I think you get the best results when you don’t truly care what the result is going to be. I am stopping short of endorsing everyone to not care, but sometimes it is best to not treat every thing like its the end of the world.

Saying that there still better be a damn fridge in my next hotel room or there will be hell to pay.





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