• On the left coast

    I am in San Diego for little brother’s wedding. Picture above is of the 3 amigos. otherwise know as my brothers and I.

  • Add another one to my list

    For me things usually fall in to a pattern. There is some misunderstanding, I let it simmer too long and don’t address it or I […]

  • Well I know why I am not the best man in a few weeks!

    – Watch More Funny Videos

  •   Did not realize it was April 4 until I got home

  • So Sad

    So many memories. A magical place where my Dad took me to games even though he doesn’t even like sports. A place where I saw […]

  • My day out

    Wednesday I took the day off to spend time with the kids. We had tickets that I had purchased at a highly discounted rate for […]

  • You asked for an update you got it.

      Above is video from front row (not my view) of Bruce introducing himself and performing from the Atlanta show Sunday. If you want to […]

  • Professor Springsteen

    Bruce giving the keynote address at the SXSW festival yesterday. If you are offended by the F-Bomb you probably would not be reading this but […]

  • 3 days to the Boss!

      Bruce made a surprise visit at a show at the SXSW festival in Austin last night

  • 8 days to the boss!

      From his show at the Apollo last night.  

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