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For me things usually fall in to a pattern. There is some misunderstanding, I let it simmer too long and don’t address it or I address it and then I hold a grudge.  I still don’t shop at JC Penney for an incident from 1987, I don’t eat at places that charge me for BBQ sauce (yes I am talking about you Zaxby’s) and I am still boycotting waffle house.

I was paying to have my lawn done for the last 4 years. At the time the company that was performing this task for $40 every 3 weeks had 3 relatives in my employ. For various reasons that I won’t get in to, they have all left the company. Some time in November the gentleman came to my house to collect. I asked him how much I owed and he said $120. I checked on line and already had cut an $80 check so I wrote him one for $40. They did no work during the winter so I was surprised that I started receiving bills for $120. So I just ignored them.

Unfortunately the lawn did not participate in my boycott and decided to just keep on growing. So I decided it was time to quit being lazy and I would do it myself. I figured I could use the exercise. We have a rather large lawn on a rather large hill so I could not purchase a riding mower unless I wanted to end up in the foyer of the church across the street.

I also have this habit of under estimating how hard and how long a job will take.

I now know it takes about 6 hours to mow and weed eat using a self propelled mower (still a blocking sled up that damn hill).  So I showed them I earned less than mininum wage mowing my own yard. I now get the pleasure of cramps and dehydration as well as the feeling of possibly puking after I am done.

I showed them.

And yes that is poor Scooter in the background, he decided to go pink again and lose all his hair.





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