You say its your birthday

So after an almost 12 hour drive home from Miami yesterday, I finally got to sleep in my own bed for the first time in three weeks. For a grand total of less than 5 hours. I had an AM flight from the ATL to DFW. It went smoothly until I arrived. First off I couldn’t adequately describe where I had parked to the shuttle bus driver. There apparently is a difference between Express North and Express South. I had a cool shuttle driver so with a little tip added, he got me to my car. And there the adventure should end.

The car wouldn’t start. After a couple of phone calls, someone showed up to jump start the vehicle. I also had a tire that had less than 15 lbs of pressure. I decided it was best to get the hell out of there and just fill it in a bit. Should be easy enough. The Dallas airport was so confusing to me that I thought there was a possibility I may run out of gas before I found either the elusive Exit North or Exit South. I drove in circles chasing them for at least 20 minutes. The whole time the GPS bitch kept telling me where to go and I kept following signs. Neither of these options worked as I continued to cruise in ever tightening circles. I don’t know what I did differently that got me out of my ninth circle of DFW hell but I eventually reached one of the directional exits.

I decided that I would stop at the store that I am eventually going to run to check it out again. I got the air in the tire and all was well with the world, until the car wouldn’t start. I then had to ask for assistance from employees that had no idea I would be their boss in a few weeks or that I even existed. The young lady that eventually gave me a jump is one of my two Co Managers. She was nice enough about it and I’m sure she will recognize me in a few weeks.

I finally found a place that did auto repair. Unfortunately a Cadillac Car battery cost over $250, thank goodness it was not the alternator.

So the first hour I sat in waiting room were there where 2 ladies watching Jack Hanna’s World of Animals or some such shit. It was Saturday for goodness sake and there was college football on. I wanted to put a stick in both their eyes as they laughed at every cute critter. Thank god they left before I completely snapped and was allowed to put some manly SEC football on. 2 hours later I was on my way and back to my home away from home.

The only thing that kept me partially sane was all the nice birthday calls and texts I received. Thank you all!

I have begun to post pictures of cruise here.

Give me a couple of days to get them all up though.




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