Time for me to fly

Time for a new chapter in our lives. I was unsure what musical reference to use as a title. It could have been Seger’s “Turn the page”, or the Allman Brother’s “Rambling man:, it even could have been god forbid N Sync’s “Bye, bye, bye.

I think the REO song is great but the song that keeps hitting me is Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home”.

I have changed jobs and we are moving to Texas. I have been gone for 19 years and I thought I would never, ever be back in what I consider to be my home state. I am happy because I will be able to see my parents and family much more frequently.

I am sad to be leaving Georgia after over 10 years. It has been my favorite place to live. They used to say of living in Florida that it was difficult to get the sand out of your shoes, but it is going to be more difficult to get the beautiful mountains and people off of my mind. I feel terrible for dragging my bride out of the only home she has ever known and away from her family and friends.

I take solace in the belief that every thing happens for a reason, and there is a reason that we are going to Texas. I am unsure what the reason is, but I am sure with time and the proper perspective it will eventually become clear.

I am just starting my fourth week training for my new company. Upon completion of my training I will be managing a travel center outside of Dallas, Texas. Some people may mistakenly think of it as a truck stop, but they would be wrong. I have learned a few things in the last 3 weeks. Any stereotype I had of who was driving the big rigs on our roads was completely wrong. They come in all shapes and sizes. Many more women than I thought are driving. I have met more Eastern Europeans in the last few weeks than I have in my whole life. There are some very large men who drive trucks.  They drink a shit load of coffee on a daily basis. What I think I really learned is that there is no stereotypical trucker and they have a very difficult and dangerous job.

The house is for sale (make me an offer)

The clock is ticking as I have only 5 more days in Georgia before I have to report to a store in Texas. I am equally sad and excited.




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