Lodging relief!

Well yesterday was a good day!

The kids and I spent it running around shopping. We ate at Be-bops, while it was no Whataburger it was quite tasty. I even waived my usual rule of not paying for condiments and paid 30 cents each for a couple of BBQ sauces.

We saw the first 25 minutes of the Avengers twice, the first time in regular the second in Super Unleaded (3D). They had some malfucntion that my lovely daughter pointed out so we and the other person in the theater got to see the first part twice.

I saw some wind farms and took pictures while driving 60 MPH

And finally Priceline came through and got ma a nice 3 Star hotel outside of St. Louis for $62 when the best published price is $109.

Ahh Sweet Bliss!

So I am off to CJ’s confirmation and then back on the road again






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