Slumming it

So I am on the way to  Iowa for CJ’s confirmation. I had very little luck with priceline in finding cheap airfare or a decent price for a rental car. So I stole the old lady’s Caddy and headed North.

I did find a hotel near Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. If you have read a few of my posts and travels you would know I am a hotel snob. I decided to save a little and figured a 1 star hotel would be okay for a night.Ok technically it is a motel since it has an outside door, that I can live with. When I opened the door to the room it was a flashback to 1994 when I spent a year on the road in cheap motels on a $50 a day per diem for food and room.

First was the cigarette stench.

I decided to handle that with a little automobile deodorizer.

Then there is the wonderfully nice furnishings

The sanitary, clean restroom

At least the carpet was cleanI am now planning to go back to my snobbish ways.

I think I am now getting fully dressed to go to bed, I wish I had brought a hoodie and gloves.

I am now officially adding the Days Inn in Oakgrove, Kentucky to the long list of places that will never get any more money from me.





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