My Memorial Day

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So I received two free tickets from the vendor faeries for tomorrow’s Braves and Cardinals game. I have expressed my disdain for the Atlanta franchise before in this blog. So I did what you are supposed to do when you get something nice and free, I bragged about it to someone who cares and sent a picture of tickets to my cousin Diane. I did get just the right level of jealousy in her reply and a request to cheer for her Cardinals.

Sorry can’t do it.

To put it in terms even my newly married, nerd younger brother can understand. It would be like going to a game between the Romulans and the Klingons and picking sides. I would wish for neither to win but then it would be an unbelievably long game.

I do have access to the vendor faeries suite as well so at least there will be free food and beverage while I wish ill on both franchises. I just hope that the Braves get no hit so I don’t have to listen to the tomahawk chop and watch that stupid cow doing it.

I am sure we will have a good time, maybe I’ll get a free foam finger along the way.




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