Saturday wrap up.

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Above is picture from our highly discounted seats at the Georgia tech game, well actually from right behind our highly discounted seats. We arrived late due to sitting in Atlanta traffic. we arrived at game with about 3 minutes to go in first half and there was a man and his son sitting in our seats next to what appeared to be some more family members. Since the seats directly behind were open we just took them, which was okay other than according to the missus he had the largest head in the history of humanity which made viewing of the actual game difficult for her.

Now I don’t bet a lot of games but I figured since Georgia Tech had lost 14 of 16 games and had their leading scorer suspended and their starting center had mono and for some strange reason the game was a pick em; it would be easy money to pick tech to continue their losing ways.  I need to stick to the poker as Tech, played their best game of year and pulled out a close win. So the cheap tickets got a bit more expensive.

We then walked over to the CNN center to hang out and let the crowd disperse somewhat. This would have been a great plan except for the fact that there was a motocross event being held down the street at the Georgia Dome. Now we had attended this very same event 6 years earlier and I had posted about it here in one of my first posts on this site.

So we decided to take a walking tour of downtown Atlanta, otherwise known as let’s go get a bite to eat. We ended up at Meehan’s, a nice little Irish Pub. This would usually be a better thing for me but since I am currently not partaking any of the devil’s brew, I was there for the fish taco appetizer. Unfortunately the pub had no running water. It seemed pretty cruel and irresponsible of the place to continue to sell beer to folks and not have a working bathroom they could use. We decided to eat our tacos and leave before things got out of hand.

On the way back we cut through Centennial Park. It was actually the first time in my almost ten years in Georgia that I had stepped foot there.  I will always remember it for the bombing that occurred during the 1996 Olympics.

We made our way back to the CNN center and decided we would try out Dantanna’s. We got seated in a booth and the place was full of motocross fans. I really don’t have a good way to describe motocross fans except to say they make NASCAR fans look classy. We got seated in a booth next to a fan who was wrestling with his about 3 year old son in the booth and calling his son a butthole and an asshole and debating whether those were bad words or not. This did not fit in with the elegant, sophisticated and entertaining that is promised on website. We left telling the hostess we would be back when they “Weren’t quite so loud.” Charlie speak translation was either never or when the place wasn’t full of bunch of uncouth peoples. Help, I am either becoming an elitist or I don’t feel like spending money on a fine dining experience surrounded with people lacking the social skills to behave themselves in public.

We decided we would get out of the city and find someplace to have dinner. I ended up getting all turned around and lost driving in the edges of suburbia. Finally we spotted a steakhouse piano bar and desperate to not being the only people ever to starve surrounded by fast food everywhere, we pulled in to Diamond Daves. I could tell this was our kind of classy by the pool tables up front and the stench of cigarette smoke everywhere. It was further confirmed when our waitress almost had more boobs than top. That being said the meal was very reasonably priced and pretty darn good.

It was a full day and it was a good day. And to the gentleman with the young son in the restaurant, your son is fine, and you are the arsehole.




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