Saturday plans

Every now and then when we are running  a short errand, we decide to take Scooter for a ride. Most of those times the errand ends up running through the McDonald’s or Krystal drive through. Above is Scooter enjoying his sausage biscuit this AM.Due to the fact that almost every time he gets in the car with us it ends up as a food run, we have decided that he thinks every time we leave the house we end up at some magical place that hands out food. We attribute any of his bad behavior while we are gone to him being pissed he didn’t get to go. I am unsure how much attention he has been paying, but I am leaving all car keys out of his reach.

I purchased my tickets to see Springsteen in Atlanta for the first concert of his tour. I was amazed that within 10 minutes of the tickets going on sale that there were hundreds of tickets on sale on Stubhub. Within 2 hours over 10% of the capacity of Phillips Arena was for sale on the site. Every ticket for Springsteen was marked up from $40 to $1600 over face value.

Of course I am a bargain hunter so I am not interested in buying tickets for over face value but I found a reason to now be a big fan of stub hub. Most events don’t sell out and tickets don’t sell for hundreds over face value. So I started digging for those events and looking for deals. I have not been to a college basketball game since I was hanging out on the University of Houston campus in the mid 80’s (wish I could say I was attending classes, but hey I was registered).

I purchased 2 tickets to the Georgia Tech/ Maryland game for this afternoon. The tickets were $10 each plus a $5  service fee and a $4.95 delivery fee (even though I downloaded and printed the tickets). So total cost for 2 tickets on the lower bowl baseline, second row were $29.95. The face value for 1 ticket is $30.

I then started to look for an event to take the kids to when they are here in March. I found 4 tickets to see the Atlanta Hawks play the Cleveland Cavaliers. I paid $45.95 for all 4. They are in section 210 at around the free throw line. If I was to buy the same seats at Ticketmaster they would cost $148.

Now I can afford to buy boy dog more sausage biscuits as soon as I can find where he put my car keys.




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