Super Bowl XLVI

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So it is time to make my annual Super Bowl pick. My advice to you though is to take the opposite of what I pick as it has not gone too well. 5 years and I only got the winner twice:


Predicted Packers 21 Steelers 17

Actual Packers 31 Steelers 25


Predicted Colts 41 Saints 38

Actual Saints 31 Colts 17


Predicted Cardinals 31 Steelers 24

Actual Steelers 27 Cardinals 23


Predicted Patriots 48 Giants 17

Actual Giants 17 Patriots 14


Predicted Colts 31 Bears 20

Actual Colts 29 Bears 17

So load up on the Giants as my prediction is Patriots 45 Giants 38.

Food for today is a meat fest as usual

Smoked pork loin and smoked turkey breast. I also have hot wings for pregame and we are trying a few different ways to prep them. Yes I know that is a lot of food for 2 people but I don’t know how to cook any other way.




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