It could be worse!

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So my younger brother is getting married in San Diego at the end of April and has decided that due to our heritage all the male members of the wedding party should wear kilts. I was hoping just a little bit that he was playing jerk the older brother around a bit. Today I received this e-mail:

(G) Kilt Waist: measure tightly at your navel. Have someone record a snug measurement while you are standing relaxed. Please do NOT provide your pant waist size.
(F) Chest: Circumference at the widest or fullest part of your chest. This is normally under your arms and over your shoulder blades.

(B – E) Sleeve: the full length from the base of your neck, down your shoulder and to your wrist. (Ex: Brian is 35”)
(A) Shirt Neck:
US Shoe Size:
Thank you!
I guess he isn’t kidding and I should be glad that his fascination with Star Trek does not require me to dress as a Klingon and the vows won’t be in Vulcan.
I am also glad that he has got over his comic book fetish, cause it could be worse. My first thought would be to go as Iron Man but then there is the issue of ease of drinking and what to do after you figured out how to solve the first issue.
Now I am thinking maybe I can please him even more than wearing a kilt; I could come dressed as Super Hero Union Jack!
On the other hand, I guess I could not be the self centered ass I pretend to be and remember this day is not about me. I am very happy that Brian has found Susan and they are embarking on their life together. It will be a joyous occasion and hopefully I will remain vertical as to not embarrass anyone.
There better be beer (cold preferred) and I am drawing the line and will absolutely refuse to wear the outfit below:




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