Hey its me again!

Had a great Christmas with the kids, just sad that I had to take them home.

Well you know us so we are off on another cruise. We are taking a 3 day cruise next weekend. We booked it before Christmas when it was just too good a deal to pass up. We will have our first inside room, but with taxes, fees and prepaid gratuities it was only $512. It will be our third time aboard Monarch of the Seas.

I wanted to drive to Port Canaveral but you know much Laila enjoys flying so I found a decent fare and we are flying out Friday morning from Atlanta. I am not a fan of getting up at 4 AM to catch a 7:45 AM flight. I was just messing around on priceline and bid on a 4 star hotel near the airport and ended up getting the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel for a total of $83.

And no we are not worried after the disaster in Italy. I still believe cruising is one of the safer ways to spend our vacation.

Hopefully we won’t miss the private island again due to any weather related issues.




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