Excitement every night!

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Hopefully tonight marks the end of us making new friends at the laundromat.

The destruction phase is over and repairs have begun. We have a new sub floor in the master bath. We also have new drywall put up. The wood was delivered today and is acclimating in the empty living room. They should be coming on Monday to install the hardwood floors.

The cats are enjoying the wood though.

So we are currently living out of the guest room and the office. Laila is suffering from Food Network withdrawal and I am unsure if she is going to make it until Wednesday without a TV.


I am also growing rapidly tired of fast food and eating out. Last night was Chines Buffet which was okay. Lunch at Krystal and dinner was Taco Bell. I am holding firm though and those BBQ sauce charging bastards at Zaxby’s won’t see a dime of my money.




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