Well this isn’t too bad after all

I have decided to get in to interior decorating. I kind of have my own style; I like to call it Crap Shui. The above picture is of my non liveable room now that they have pulled all the tile in the kitchen and both bath rooms.

I must apologize to my washing machine as it was not the culprit. Apparently there was a leak in the drain in the master bath shower which caused water to get under the tile every time we took a shower.

Below is where my toilet used to be. I have no idea where they put it, but I want my throne back.

So it’s not too much of an inconvenience. We are just unable to use the master bath, the stove, the dishwasher, the washer, the dryer and the ice maker in the fridge. As well as all the humidifiers make it impossible to utilize the AC effectively. Thank goodness its cool outside.

So far I have only met the fellas that tear it up and dry it out, tomorrow I get to meet with the guy who’s writing the other check, the adjuster.

One positive thing is for the first time in our lives we are going to get to pick the tile we want.

Below is our remodeled kitchen. This decorating stuff isn’t too difficult.





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