Take me out to the ballgame

So we went and saw the Braves play the Rockies Tuesday night. The best part was the tickets and parking was free thanks to Frito Lay.

The last few tickets I received had “755 club” printed on them and I was unsure what it meant. I had googled it and found this but was still not sure what it all meant. So I stopped one of the young ladies working for the team and asked. She offered to take us there and explained it to me. I was concerned it was like the time I went to the Sox game using my cousin Mike’s tickets and everything had to be charged to the season ticket holder’s account.  But it wasn’t. It was a pricate bar and restaurant. If you were willing to wait in a long line (we were not), they would seat you at an outside table with a view of the field. we found a table inside and had dinner. Now it wasn’t cheap, especially since cokes were $3 with no refills, but the food was pretty good. I don’t think I have ever been full at a ball game but I was stuffed after eating there.

The seats were good and we hung around until the seventh inning so we didn’t have to fight the traffic. Over all a nice time and I am sure we will return to the 755 club in the future.

I was most amused by the giant cow doing the tomahawk chop as pictured in earlier post. I still hate the tomahawk chop though.

Pictures are posted here.






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