Happy Fourth of July

An update of my weekend.

I got the pleasure of driving North to pick up the kids. It is about a 14 hour drive to Mt. Vernon, Illinois and back to get them. I used to knock that out with no problem but it has become more difficult as I continue to age. So of course I started off on priceline to find a room that I could get relatively cheaply for Friday night. I had no luck in getting room in Metropolis or Louisville. I ended up getting a Fairfield by Marriott in Hopkinsville. Ky for $42 plus fees (total $53.99). Maybe I did get lucky though as there is no casino nearby.

I also decided to rent a car as the Cadillac is having an issue with back window. It came off track and won’t stay up consistently. So back to Priceline and I rented a full size car from Alamo out of the Chattanooga airport.  I think I ended up paying $53 for a 2 day rental and got a Buick Lucerne. Basically a nice old person’s car.

While I was renting the car, the guy at the counter asked me what is becoming an all too familar question. “Do you know who you look like?” of course, I felt like I looked like me, I know I did when I left the house so I was unsure what could have changed. For the second time though, I was told I look like Ed Norton.

I just don’t see it.

So I picked up the kids on Saturday in Mt. Vernon at the above picture miniature Washington Monument. That is our regular meeting place as it seems so much better and easier that the parking lot of McDonalds.  We took the long way home through Indiana. It was a nice scenic route and we stopped at a few of my company’s locations on the way to pick up the much needed provisions of drinks and Little Debbie’s.

The highlight of the trip though was our drive through and stop near Ft. Campbell. The base is large and it straddles the Kentucky and Tennessee border. While driving through I figured out what our men in uniform like; tattoos, liquor and strip clubs! We elected to not stop at any of those places though. We were in search of something better, something more meaningful and something more fulfilling.

For some strange reason there are no Jack in the Boxes near mine or the kids home. So whenever we are on the road we will go out of our way to find one. Thanks to the GPS feature on my phone I can always search for them though. There should be a way I can set an alert on it though so it will tell me anytime I am within 50 miles of one. My favorite thing on the menu is what used to be called the Super Taco. Now they just call it a taco. I wonder why they changed the name? Its still super to me.

So the plan for the next month is to hang out with the kids. Tuesday night we are going to see the Braves in Atlanta. Even though I am not a Braves fan (Tomahawk Chop irritates the piss out of me) the tickets and parking are free. Next weekend we are heading to Houston to see the folks. At the end of the month my company has a function at Disney World and even though they don’t want to, I convinced the kids to tag along.

So there should be plenty of pictures and fun in the next month.

Happy Fourth of July!




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