They (and I) must be stopped!

The squirrels must be stopped! They are cute but expensive.

They eat more than their fair share of the bird food, and that’s okay.  The problem is they are destructive little creatures. if you look at picture below, they have tore off the little rubber pieces that rest on the bird perches, and that’s okay. What’s not okay as seen in picture below is the rats have torn out pieces of the feeder that hold the seed, causing it to spill all over the porch.

So on a daily basis, I search for all the little pieces and put the feeder back together. I could not find a piece the other day, so I had to lean on everything that I have learned living in the South. Duct tape does the job once again.I also unfortunately have not forgot my Ebay password. The PS3 game collection continues to swell. I thought the damage was done mostly, but I found 4 more over the weekend.

Below is the cache I have purchased in the last month pending the arrival of the latest four.

I just realized there’s one game missing from picture but I don’t think I could get them to all sit still for another one. In spite of the spree I am still the world’s worst first person shooter game player. In Call of Duty, I still haven’t got past the first shoot out. Maybe when CJ gets here next month, he will take me under his wing and tutor me.




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