Hey!!! This is supposed to be a private pool!

When I took Ariel godaddy web statisticsout for her morning constitutional I spotted something swimming across the pool. At first glance from a distance I thought snake and as I got closer I though lizard. It got to the skimmer basket at about the same time I did.  Picture above is what I saw when I peered in, a very small mouse.

Now what to do. In spite of his small size he could be one of those killer mouses, trained to attack and spread his diseases. if that was the case I could just turn the pool pump on and watch him spin in to the basket like a goldfish in the toilet. But then I would have to deal with the carcass.

I then realize we are trained to kill them when they invade our houses. There is a whole industry based upon their eradication. This feller probably wasn’t a killer, he was just out for a late night swim. So I decided to rescue him.

He was exhausted and just stayed there for a bit. He looked so pitiful. Notice how small he is by looking at comparision to heads of nails on the deck.

If I find out he pissed in the pool though, I will seek vengeance and hunt that little vermin down and make him a cat toy!




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