I promise not to be that guy

Who posts every meal and bowel movement in an attempt to think my daily activities are important, but I am excited. I recently started eating breakfast semi regularly in an attempt to be healthier. Of course its been fried eggs so I haven’t gone too crazy.

I had never been someone who ate fried eggs, so it took me a few attempts to get it right. I was trying to make it portable so I was putting them on a sandwich with cheese and the meat of the day. (I know I just invented the McMuffin, I am a food genius!)

I was unhappy with the shape of my fried egg as I was having issues with it fitting on the bread of choice. So I was thinking of maybe getting a metal mold that I could fry it in. So of course instead of inventing it, I headed to the outlet mall.  I believe malls are the downfall of innovation in America, and all future great inventions will come from places that the Gap and Aeropostale have not yet invaded with their presence. So I went to kitchen collection and found the below pictured handy dandy omelette maker.

I am now happy (relatively) as my fried eggs are perfectly circular and my belly is full.

I think next week I am going to invent the breakfast burrito.




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