I need to lose my Ebay password

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Since Black Friday, as it has become known in the online poker world, I have had to find something else to do. I was pretty disappointed, as I have been playing on line poker for over 8 years and have had modest success at it. Mostly it gave me a hobby, an obsession and something to do with my time.

It did not help that it occurred almost simultaneously with the hacking of the Playstation Network. So I couldn’t even play my Tiger Woods Masters on line either.

When the Playstation network finally came back up (mostly), I found myself playing online with a bunch of people who could talk to me, but I couldn’t talk back because I did not have the proper equipment. I went shopping at Toys R Us and Walmart but they didn’t have the blue tooth headset I was looking for. So I headed to my old friend Ebay. I found exactly what I was looking for.

Now when I first put it on I was feeling pretty snazzy thinking I looked like some sort of air traffic controller or something. Then I realized I looked more like the dude at the McDonald’s Drive thru and I became a little depressed about it. But I am now able to say good game and nice shot to people while virtual golfing. The best part is I can even drop an expletive when I make a bad shot, so its much more like real golf than before.


That was all the good news. the bad news is I decided to start looking at more games for the PS3. When purchased new most of the games range in price from $40 to $60 or even higher. I went on a bidding frenzy for the last 4 days and ended up buying 15 games and am still bidding on more. The picture at the top of the post is the first wave of games coming in. This would make a little more sense if I had someone else in the house to play against, but all of them can be enjoyed by yourself.

A lot of the games I purchased can be played on the Playstation Network as well. So I can be a hermit and still play with people I don’t know.

The bonus is since I have my snazzy new head gear, when I am done kicking their ass, I can ask them if they would like a hot apple pie with that?





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