Sunday Plans

“I believe in the church of baseball” Bull Durham


You would think that tomorow being the last Sunday before the rapture (see previous post) that I should spend it in church. Instead, I look at as the last chance to catch a Sunday afternoon baseball game.

I had been looking at Braves tickets this week but didn’t feel like paying for them. Luckily for me the phone rang this AM and one of my peers at work called and asked if I would like a couple of tickets and a parking pass for tomorrow’s game. So most people would immediately check the weather (the wife did) but not me, I went to see the pitching match up. Since it is the Phillies I was hoping to see either Halladay or Oswalt, neither of whom I have ever seen pitch in person. Bingo, it’s Halladay. We missed his perfect game in Miami last year by one week when we went on our spring cruise.

A beer, a bratwurst and baseball. Should be a great day.





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