Strange coincidence

I am beginning to think that our vet is thinking we have Munchausen by proxy. While we truly enjoy all our interactions with them, I can think of much less expensive and desperate ways to get attention. The cat we adopted in Ringgold from in front of Ingles has a recurring urinary tract infection. While Cash is a loving mellow cat, if somewhat irritating at times, for some reason he does not enjoy the trips to the vet as much as we do.  He has mauled a couple of techs on his visits and if its possible, they enjoy his presence less than he enjoys being there. I think that made the decision even easier than to just let us pick up a refill prescription, instead of a full office visit.

When I arrived this afternoon to pick up the prescription, the dog in the fuzzy cell phone picture above, was behind the counter. I remarked that he looked amazingly just like my kid’s dog, Max (story of his visit here). The strange coincidence was that his name was Max. He is a little bigger and in a little worse shape than Max though. He got up and turned around and that’s when I noticed that he was a beautiful, happy three legged dog. Apparently he had been hit by a car and his owner’s couldn’t care for him any longer. So he is looking for a home. Now Laila and I have a pinkie shake agreement to not add to our pack. He was so sweet though and Laila didn’t tell me “hell no” like I expected.

So there I was driving down the road feeling a bit like St. Francis of Assisi, friend of animals every where.  It was at that moment that for the first time, since Kansas, three birds flew directly in to my path. There was the unfortunate thud and a cloud of feathers in the rear view mirror.

So I guess we are considering Max, but I am still very unsure. I  feel strongly that pets are a lifetime commitment and if you have doubts, then the answer should be no.

But he is my favorite dog with an odd number of legs that I have ever encountered.




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