Ebony and Ivory

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Scooter is having a sleepover this weekend! His sister Ariel has joined us for the last couple of days.

Today’s plan of action is a birthday party with all the family coming over.  Matthew survived his 27th year. As is my habit, I give out stunningly useful fatherly and stepfatherly advice on a semi regular basis. This occurs usually without being asked my opinion on whatever the matter is, after all unsolicited advice is almost always the most useful.

When Matthew turned 27 I advised him he was entering into a very dangerous year of his life. I let him know that in vast array of life experience and mathematical capabilities, that 27 is the age that the average American male gets married.  I based this after an extensive study on the subject (I was married at 27).

Now most of my advice seems to fall on deaf ears and I am usually unsure if any one was listening at all. I was quite proud of the fact that multiple times during the year Matthew updated me on the progress of his most dangerous year.  Just last week let me know he had almost made it.

Now my issue may be that I am all out of good advice for year 28, as it occurred so long ago.  I figure I can just make something up like usual.

So today’s menu is smoked brisket, smoked pork loin, smoked sausage, beans (2 types ranch and baked), Texas garlic toast, greens (rumor has it they are edible but I would not know), macaroni and cheese, taters (of unknown variety as they are being imported in by Mammie), peas and sweet tea.

Should be a fun day, and if I remember, I’ll take some pictures.




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