It has been very difficult to post lately. I believe that I have the world’s crappiest internet service. Their tower got struck by lightning and I was out of service for 9 days.  We got it back for one day and it got hit again, no internet for 2 more days. It rained for a couple of days, no internet in the morning. So its not that I have been silent or had nothing to say (or complain about); I was just silenced by a vast left wing conspiracy.

First off, the Zaxby’s strike is now entering its second month. They never even answered my strongly worded e-mail except with a form letter saying they had received it. Well they ain’t the only people serving unhealthy fried food to the masses. I am sure they will miss my business considerably as i have probably eaten there less than a half dozen times in my life.

We went and saw Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan last weekend. As usual I started off being the responsible non drinking and driving citizen.  We started at priceline and bid on a 3 star hotel in Downtown Atlanta. We were pleased to once again get the Atlanta Hilton for a grand total of $73. After check in we headed out looking for a bite to eat. Using my phone’s GPS while walking is a lesson in frustration as were unable to find our favorite watering hole, Gibney’s Pub. We ended up at another Irish pub, Meehans. We had a couple of adult beverages and some appetizers. The fish tacos were excellent and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t like fish and had only had them the one time prior in Cozumel.

It was then time to find transportation. the venue is not in the best neighborhood in Atlanta. I had the fear of being trapped in a bad neighborhood after dark so I resorted to a usually sure fire plan. I bribed the cab driver. I let him know that he didn’t have to put the meter on and I would pay an inflated flat rate to be taken there and an even higher flat rate to be picked up. The plan worked to perfection as he was the only cab in the parking lot when we came out and as we approached we saw him turn away multiple people as we approached.

Luke Bryan was good. Tim McGraw was just okay for me though, the whole thing was a swooning chick fest.

The next day on way home we stopped at Chili’s in Cartersville for a bite. It was okay but for the first time ever, we were presented our check before we had even been served our entrees. I just found that to be more than a little strange.

Boy dog update. he feels much better. We gave up on the holistic approach and took him back to our favorite vet. They put him back on antibiotics and his skin turned from pink to dark and his hair is growing back as seen in picture above. Thanks Dr. Jodi and Pete!

I am planning on posting more regularly unless it rains.




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