It’s a trap!

I was a little shocked to find a doughnut this morning when I went to put my Netflix movie in the mailbox. At first I thought maybe my little cop buddy had left it behind. But I haven’t see n him in almost a year.
Then I thought maybe it’s a trap and Wile E. Coyote had bought an exploding doughnut from the Acme corporation and was out to get me. Maybe it was a gift from someone and I was about to find gifts on a daily basis from the mailbox fairy. Maybe it’s a sign of the end times and sometime in December 2012 there will be doughnuts raining from the skies (I hope they are at least cream filled).

At first I thought it was glazed but upon closer inspection I now believe it be cake. I personally am not a large fan of cake doughnuts but I don’t hate them enough to abandon them on the side of the road. Maybe someone had seen how much weight I have gained recently and like letting dogs loose in the country thought that I would take this doughnut in and give it a good home. I could start a doughnut sanctuary perhaps.

My sanctuary did not get a good start because I left it there as I went to work just in case it was an Acme doughnut that was left there waiting to explode.

Now I feel a little guilty that I did not offer this doughnut shelter and maybe a cup of coffee. When I came home the mailman had run over it,

Funny thing now looking at the two pictures, the doughnut appears none the worse for wear. Maybe it’s some sort of new strain of mutated super doughnut.

It’s all a mystery to me but I am hoping for an eclair tomorrow.




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