It’s time

It’s currently 36 degrees with a chance of snow later at the house as I type this. It’s 62 degrees at Port Canaveral and 70 degrees in Nassau. I can’t think of a better time to hit the road.

I am really looking forward to a couple of days just lounging around and reading a book. The book for the trip is Dean Koontz “Breathless”. I have become a fan of his in the last 6 years and believe I have read most if not all of his books.

The plan is to take it easy and catch a couple of shows. We actually have somehow never seen a show while on a cruise so we thought we would try something different. I am looking forward to seeing one of the stand up comedy acts.

We booked no excursions in Nassau. We were thinking of heading over and getting a gyro from the little restaurant we visited last time. Then sunset at Senor Frog’s eating nachos and watching the other ships pull out.

The above picture is from our trip to Hell Belize from last May. I finally was able to get the pictures from the crappy disposable camera uploaded to my computer and have posted them here. The story of the worst excursion I ever took is posted here.




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