I can’t drive 55

You may find yourself in another part of the world
You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile

Talking Heads

Little did I imagine,  as I held the small miracle of a baby girl in my arms almost 16 years ago on a snowy day in Kansas, that today, that young lady she has become would drive me home from the store.

It was probably a bigger deal to me than her as she has her own car and drives herself about every day back home.

I am appreciative of whomever taught her how to drive as I don’t think my nerves would have handled it too well.

I had forgotten that she had told me she had to drive the speed limit as any ticket would prevent her from getting her unrestricted license for a few more years.  So as we toodled along at 35 mph on my street, I encouraged her to use the gas pedal more liberally. Who would have thought (other than my folks and brothers, sorry for the long list of battered vehicles my teenage self left behind) that she was the most responsible driver in the vehicle at that moment and resisted.

Congratulations to my daughter for being the first and only person to drive the speed limit on my road.

Ohh and apologies to anyone following us home.

Any first drive you walk away from is a good one.




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