Weather, pool and dog update

I have needed to update for a bit, so here it is.

Scooter is feeling much better. He has been on antibiotics for a month and we are bathing him regularly. He has actually started to grow some belly and neck hair back. I have also been playing fetch with him much more often and he is enjoying life again.

The vet says he is probably allergic to something in his food. So now we have spent way too much time reading dog food labels to find out what is in them. We thought we were doing okay by him by feeding him Alpo but we weren’t. When reading ingredients in dog food we discovered mostly we were feeding our dogs grains as opposed to meat. In fact Mollie’s food had no real meat in it other than by products even if it said filet mignon on the front.

The whole thing reminded me of a documentary I had seen recently on the food industry called Food,Inc. I highly recommend the film and it will change in some way your opinion on the food we eat. It is available as a netflix download also.  That being said, I am not going organic and I am not planning on becoming a goat farmer, one in the family is enough.

So we are now paying twice as much for Scooter’s food, but it has meat in it, he loves it and his energy level and health are way up.  Mollies food was just a little bit more expensive and she is now finishing her meals and also eating meat.

We have had a lovely fall as pictured above. I think since it started snowing this AM, winter has arrived though. Notice the lovely green hue to the pool in above picture.

I am the worst or at least the most procrastinating pool man in the whole history of modern pool maintenance. I have not winterized my pool or unhooked up pool pump 3.0. This in spite of my previous bad luck with pumps and having 3 in 3 years due to malfunctions.

Since we have had some sub freezing evenings, I’ve just left the pool pump running to keep it from freezing. Unfortunately running the heat and the pool pump at the same time is not going to do much for the electricity bill this month.

Since the next week is going to be relatively harsh weather wise, I decided today was the day to remove the pump. I may be the only guy who did this while being pelted by snow but mission accomplished. It is now tucked safely away in the garage and I hope to reuse it next season unlike its predecessors.

Below is the cleanest pool in the county currently. If you look closely enough you may see some snow flakes.

Another picture of the happy dog below, unfortunately he kind of ruined the shot by peeing.




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