There’s always something happening

As usual I was home minding my own business at 2 AM, watching TV and playing on my laptop when I thought I had heard thunder. I found that strange as when I walked the dogs around midnight I remember noting how clear the skies were.

A few minutes later I noticed a strange glow on my front porch. No matter what eye I covered or which way I turned my head, I couldn’t make it go away. So I decided I needed to investigate.

There were at least 3 ambulances, 4 police cruisers and 2 firetrucks parked in the bend of the road just below the house. There were at least 4 rescue personnel going up and down the hill searching with flashlights. Shortly thereafter I watched as a Lifeforce helicopter landed in the parking lot above the church across the street.

The area next to my house and across the street are large, steep easements for the power company. Before the power company stripped the hills of most trees and built some new gravel roads on them, they were popular for 4 wheeling particularly on ATVs.

It drove me nuts though having people running up and down them kicking up dust and dirt and getting it in the pool. But what can you do when you have not officially obtained your grumpy old man status?

I think I had seen this white truck on multiple occasions go around the newly installed gates and go up and down the other side of the hill. Apparently he thought it was a good idea to do so at 1:30 AM.

Bad idea, I hope no one paid for it with their life.

If there is any news articles, I’ll post a link to them here later.




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