Speaking of hoedowns

It had been too long since we have been to a concert and besides how often to you get to see your wife’s boyfriend’s band play? This one will require a little explaining on why we refer to Randy Rogers as Laila’s boyfriend.We went and saw the Randy Rogers Band at a small bar in Chattanooga a few years ago. We had seen them on CMT’s 330 studio sessions and decided we liked them.

I found later they were from Texas, which is always a plus, and they had a fiddle in the band. Which as y’all know if you’re gonna play in Texas you better. I found out even later the guitar player is from my hometown of Sugar Land, TX.

So back to our one and only time we saw Mr. Rogers. First we showed up early and ending up walking in a side door right in front of the band during their sound check, oops. Only a couple of hundred people showed, so it was an intimate setting.

After the show ended I went to take care of business and returned to find our table empty. I immediately knew this meant trouble. I slowly turned and looked towards the stage knowing pretty much what I was about to witness. Sure enough there was Randy Rogers with his arm around my missus and they were both laughing and smiling. Oh no! Was I about to lose my woman to a traveling minstrel?

Before I could take a picture though my worries were over as security separated them and led Randy off.

I then began to pepper the missus with questions.

What did you say to Randy?


Did you tell him we were so glad he finally came to town?


Did you tell him we loved the new album (sign of age when you still refer to them as albums)?


So what did you talk about?


It took some prodding before I was able to get to the bottom of this

I told him he shouldn’t smoke

And what did he say?

He laughed and they led him off.

So he’s not really the missus’ boyfriend, she’s more like his health coach.

All that being said we are pretty pumped to see the band again. And they are playing with a few more Texas based musicians, Robert Earl Keen and Reckless Kelly.

I hope they have Shiner Bock!




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