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I was reading a news article today that reminded me that almost no matter what it is you like or dislike, I guarantee you there are people out there that like it or dislike it more.

I think that it is wonderful that the Wall Street Journal has returned to its roots of hard hitting, investigative journalism to solve the mystery of the McRib sandwich.Me personally, I love the McRib. I believe it was introduced during my short stint working with Ronald while attending high school. This was the only job I ever walked out on.

There was no better feeling in the world that day than leaving my post in the drive thru with cars wrapped around the building. I let the manager on duty know he could take that nickel raise he just gave me and stick it where the sun don’t shine. I walked out of there feeling like a real man! Of course I was only fifteen and I had to walk next door to the Pizza Inn to call my Mommy to pick me up. But it was a glorious five minutes of manhood while it lasted.

But I digress.

Back to the sandwich at hand.

The only down side to this tasty beast is the difficulty of eating it while driving. The odds of you getting sauce on some article of clothing or vehicle is 100% in all my test trials.

The good news that came from that article is I now have a website to help me locate McRibs. That and the news that it will be back and nationwide starting this November.

I only have three words for that news “Super size it!”




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