Boy dog update

So its been a week since I posted the personal medical history of my pet. We had a little issue with receiving the products I ordered last week, but I was very happy on how they resolved it.

When I had not received the medicine I ordered on Thursday, I shot an e-mail to Jefferspet to find out what was the hold up. I had received two confirmation e-mails stating I had placed the order but it had not been charged to my card and I had not received shipping confirmation.

I received a phone call Friday morning from a private number on my personal cell phone.  I usually let those go to voice mail, but I had almost made it through another week and was feeling brave so I picked it up. It was someone from jefferspet explaining to me that there was no address connected to my order and they had been waiting on me to contact them.

I expressed my displeasure and asked why they had not contacted me. The rep said she had e-mailed me and I told her I did not get it. She told me again she had e-mailed me and I told her again I did not get it. This went back and forth a few more times and she let me know that it was probably in my junk e-mail folder. I told her I did not get it again.

I am probably one of the few people that actually wades through the spam folder on a daily basis hoping for one nugget of useful mail amongst the viagra offers, letters from Nigeria and offers to enlarge my penis. I assure you I did not get it.

We agreed to disagree on my receipt of this e-mail and we went ahead and processed the order. I was very pleased to see that they had overnighted the package to me (no additional charge)  and I received it today.

So Scooter got his third bath this week and his first with the miconazale shampoo. So hopefully his skin will heal and his hair will grow back.

If not I will be searching my junk e-mail for Rogaine offers or something from Hair Club for dogs.




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