Poor Scooter and great new pet website

Poor Scooter has been struggling with skin issues over the last year. He is very susceptible to full body yeast infections. This causes his skin to get red and irritated and to lose his hair, see his neck in above picture. Also a dog with a full body yeast infection tends to smell just a little bit better than a conch shell with a dead conch still in it.

I got tired of seeing him suffer, or I couldn’t stand the smell of him any longer, so I decided to do something about it.We have taken him to the vet in the past (and we love our vet) and while it has worked in the short term it has been somewhat costly and temporary. So I began searching the internet for solutions. It looked like our best bet would be to use a miconazole based shampoo or lotion. We were going to buy locally, preferably at one of my stores, but when we realized that I didn’t want my employees thinking I had jock itch or Laila had an infection down there, we headed back to the internet.

In the past I had purchased some pet related drugs and such from 1-800-Pet Meds. I was happy with the service I got from them and the price at the time. Besides the shampoo we were looking for ear drops as well as some Advantage flea and tick treatment. So while surfing the net I found a place with even better pricing, Jefferspet.com. We ended up saving almost $20 a piece on the advantage for both dogs.

So until the mailman arrives with our little package, I am bathing Scooter every other day in anti bacterial soap to keep the smell and discomfort down.

We are looking forward to having a white dog instead of a red and pink one.

And by the way Walt, they have medicines and supplies for goats. And they are in Alabama, so you know they know their goats.

<insert livestock/redneck joke here>




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