The happiest place in the world!

I know Disney claims to be the happiest place on Earth. I am not in a position to disagree but I do know one thing it was not Atlanta Hartsfield Airport yesterday. With the inclement weather it was a jumbled mess of delays and canceled flights with smiles few and far between.

So yesterday I got to experience the full joy of the Atlanta Airport. I arrived at the airport for at 4 PM for my 6:59 PM flight. By the time I had parked and got through security I had already received 3 e-mails telling me the flight was delayed until almost 9 PM. The most frustrating part was while sitting at gate there was no announcements telling us there was any issue at all. In fact they never announced it was delayed at all. My blackberry got the update that the gate was changed 30 minutes before Delta announced it.

I think I had the most fun at one point watching suckers run to their gates.  I thought, what optimists. There was nothing taking off but these people were running like OJ through the airport to catch their flights which weren’t going anywhere.

I called my company’s travel company to see if there was any way I could rebook around this mess and was told that I was basically stuck as my flight which did not take off for three hours was the next available on any airline.

While I was wandering around the airport I saw I had a missed call from an 800 number and when I called it back it was Delta. This must be good news. When I finally got to a real person it was a nice gentleman from India wanting to know if I was interested in getting a Delta Sky Miles credit card. I politely explained to him in best English that he must be freaking kidding me, he apologized and I hung up.

So after a three hour delay I finally got to enjoy a cramped 2 hour flight to Houston and with no further delaying events I arrived at my parents at 12:30 AM local time.

Now if I can just find a Whataburger




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