Kind of like the Olympics!


Unlike it’s sister holiday, Lailapalooza, this does not happen on an annual basis. It is time once again my friends for Charliepalooza! For the first time since it’s 2006 inception in Vegas, it returns.

We will be visiting Mr. Hemingway’s House (pictured above). It will be at that time that I will have to explain to the missus that we can not have a souvenir cat. 3catsI am pretty excited about my first time to Key West.

I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it was a good deal and we like cruises, so I booked another one! We will be taking the Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas out of Miami. And since it’s my holiday and I can do what I want, I chose an interior room this time.


The ship also visits Nassau (on my birthday) and Coco Cay.

I really should start telling about prior trips before booking the next one.

I’ll try to do that in next couple of days.




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