Know when to fold em


I decided to stop and punch my ticket as a riverboat gambler on the Mississippi River. While I was surfing the internet on the plane I saw this casino had a 2 PM No limit holdem tourney at 2 PM. I arrived at the casino at noon which gave me plenty of time to get my player’s card and sign up.

I whittled away the time playing some slot machines and a little bit of craps. Amazingly the craps table was empty which does not make for a very inspiring time. It finally filled up and I went on a nice little roll and rolled the dice for about 20 minutes to increase my stack of chips considerably. Unfortunately the tourney I signed up for was getting ready to start when this occurred.

Ii ended up getting to the poker room just in time to have tournament canceled due to the fact that only one other person had signed up. Pretty sad that they couldn’t get ten people to play on a Saturday afternoon.

There were a couple of cash tables going so I inquired what game and stakes they were playing. Both tables were playing $3/$6 limit holdem. That is strange because most places spread no limit, but since that’s all they had I bought in for $150 and sat down.

I was the only non local in the game and everyone else knew each other by name. The average age at the table was probably fifty-five, with only one player younger than me. I played for about 4 hours and made no friends as I probably only said less than 20 words total in my time at the table. I also think they didn’t quite appreciate my playing style, which involved raising pots often. I was able to steal quite a few large pots by raising early, often and at the end. It was amazing to me to see people fold when it would cost them $6 to call and the pots were often over $60. They only had to be right one time out of ten to break even. i went on a bit of a bad run at end and ended up only up $50.

I played some more craps, black jack and slots and ended up losing the amount that I had brought to play. I did play enough to get a buffet comped to me though. So I got a “free” buffet. It reminded me of the time Laila and I were in vegas and i stopped to play craps at the Bellagio. I ordered 2 Fat Tire beers and before they could arrive I had lost $200. I can’t drink that beer anymore because at $100 a bottle its just too damn expensive.




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