Get em Bill!


I am getting an awesome Father’s Day gift this year! I am getting to pick up the kids on Sunday. I did not feel like driving 800+ miles and up to 16 hours to do it though.

So like usual I headed to my favorite travel site, Priceline. Unfortunately I could not name my own price on the airfare because I was planning to fly the kids back with me. If I had booked a flight and there were not 2 more available seats on it, it just would not have worked. If I wanted to Fly direct to Des Moines it was going to cost me over $300 each way. Thankfully Moline, Illinois is only a 2 hour drive away and I found a flight for $139 each way.

I could have just flown the kids I suppose but I just would have a hard time bearing the thought of them attempting to negotiate the Airport in Atlanta.

So I booked my flight in on Saturday. I pricelined a two and a half star hotel in Davenport, Iowa for $44 and was accepted for a Country Inn and Suites for a total of $57.01 with taxes and all. I also got a standard sized car (Monte Carlo or similar) for a day from Priceline for $18.17.

The bad news for me is that there are at least 4 casinos within a half hour of the hotel and one is only four and a half miles away. So I will either double the cost of the trip or it will be free, depending on how the cards fall.

I am looking forward to my time with the kids and with the deal I got I will be able to swim and BBQ on Father’s Day with them instead of having them sit in a car for 9+ hours with me.

That William Shatner is one hell of a guy!

Plus I got 2% back to my Upromise account for booking through Priceline and another 1% for using my Upromise Mastercard to book it.




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