I have been on land too long!


I think 2 months with no cruise is too long! So we booked another one.

The kids are coming down for their summer vacation and after an especially harsh Iowa winter their only request was “Take us somewhere warm”.

We booked a three night cruise over the 4th of July weekend on Monarch of the Seas (again). It goes to Nassau (again) and Coco Cay (again).

I am not jaded though, I would prefer to go somewhere other than Nassau for the third time, but this cruise just fit perfectly into the schedule.

We plan on snorkeling in Nassau and probably heading over to Atlantis for kids to see it (it is amazing). Since boat is docked from Noon to Midnight we may slip out for a land based dinner.

On the Fourth it will be all about the beach as we will be hanging at the cruise line’s private island.  As close to paradise as I have gotten.

If you want to see pictures from the last time we took the Monarch of The Seas to Nassau, just click here.

Bon Voyage!




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