My new favorite blogs.


I was reading an article the other day about Matt Green who is walking across the US. It had a link to his blog.

I ended up reading the whole blog up to date.  It is amazing to read his story as it tells story after story about the kindness and goodness of people. It is also a story about preconceptions in a way. Many people may think he is homeless or troubled and help him out for that reason.  The people that have helped hm by giving him a place to stay or a bite to eat come from all sorts of different backgrounds and ages.

It has been a wonderful story of the good that still exists.

In remarkable contrast to the other blog I have been reading. I discovered the blog while following the Tonya Craft case. I was interested in this case for a number of reasons mostly geographical. The trial was held at the court house in Ringgold which was just a few miles from our former shack. The judge shared law offices with the opposing counsel in my divorce proceedings. one of the prosecutors coached my son in soccer and attended the same church as we did.

I would hate to believe that people who are supposed to be upholding and enforcing the law and seeking justice would railroad innocent people.

I guess its just a mixed bag of a world we live in.

EDIT (10/5/2010): I  have removed the link to the William Anderson blog as it has moved from being a good source of alternative information during the Craft trial to an over the top indictment of the entire judicial and law enforcement system. While the cases cited in his blog definitely have issues, I now believe the site to unfairly taint all involved in the legal process.




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