I loved Roatan


Our next stop was Roatan, Honduras. The good news was we had a late morning arrival. After the complete lack of food from the prior’s day trip to hell, we decided to come up with a different plan. You can hang a little breakfast request on door and they will deliver you anything off a basic continental breakfast. After our coffee, toast, bagels, danishes and OJ we heard an announcement telling us that due to the wind we had docked at a different port on the island than originally intended and that some shore excursions were being canceled. I thought that was a good thing because we could go back to bed, but I decided to check on ours and called the excursion desk. Ours was still on and I was told we were very near the site of our excursion.

They weren’t kidding on how close we were.


I could have swam back to the ship if necessary.

Part of the deal I made with Laila when she agreed to the cave tubing trip was that the other 2 days we would be on a beach somewhere. So for Roatan we booked an excursion on Maya Key Private Island Retreat. On our three cruises this turned out to be our favorite stop of all.

The island was recently developed and had a pool, two private beaches, a snorkeling pier, a Mayan Educational exhibit and was also a wildlife rescue refuge.

We hung out on the beach for a while as we had no real plan to go snorkeling. Any idea I had of snorkeling was squashed quickly by people returning and telling how awesome it was if you could get over the tiny jelly fish stings. Little did I know we had gotten stung while swimming in the lagoon. I hadn’t felt anything but when I got back to cabin later I had little red marks all over.


As part of the excursion they fed us lunch. Which consisted of what I thought was chicken tenders, jerk chicken, red beans and rice and fried plantains. As I was eating my chicken tenders I was growing a little concerned as I thought they were under cooked. Then my lovely bride asked me how I was enjoying my Sea Bass. I am not much of a fish person but they were good Sea Bass Tenders.

We walked around the island and enjoyed the strange vegetation.


We also toured their Mayan educational center. I attempted to speak with the local wildlife. I was very disappointed as I don’t think they speak English or Spanish and they just ignored me.


After we had walked most of the island and saw everything we made the wise economic decision to hang by the pool and enjoy some of the local brew. It was about half price compared to the ship.


Overall a very relaxing day in paradise. This is an excursion I would recommend to anybody. Good value and a great time!




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