Back in the States


We just arrived back home from our cruise. It was wonderful to get away and I’ll write a lot about it later, but I wanted to post some pictures in the gallery.

They can be found here.

I will be adding more through the week.

I am currently unable to hear out of my left ear, due to my ears never having popped on the flight home. Quite irritating actually.

I will give one actual piece of travel advice though. We upgraded to first class on American Airlines on both our flights for $90 each, each way. That may sound like a lot but when you do they allow you to each carry on two bags at no charge. Since we had 4 bags it would have cost us $100 just for luggage. Throw in the free beverages on the way down and it didn’t cost us that much more. The other nice thing is when you fly First Class your bags are last on first off, saving you from playing luggage roulette for who knows how long.




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