Should I buy him a doughnut?


I live next to a large easement where there are some major power lines running through. There is some construction going on as they are putting up some more lines through the easement. This has been good and bad.

Good, because the annoying little ATVs no longer use the easement as the own personal track. That grew quite annoying from a noise perspective as well as the dirt they would kick up and I would end up vacuuming from the pool.

Bad, because some days they leave a bulldozer or some other heavy equipment by the pool or directly in my line of sight out my back windows.

On Tuesday I noticed the strangely marked police car parked across from my house all day. After the recent developments of crazy, threatening people I did have that ugly nagging thought that it may pertain to that. I first noticed this officer while I was working in my office and saw he had been there at least 45 minutes. I thought it strange that after that time, he got out and organized his trunk. He also took a couple of leisurely strolls to the cemetery.

I thought it was strange that his car was not marked a county sheriff’s vehicle nor a city police car.

On day 3 of cop watch I began to wonder if he was a real cop at all. Maybe he was just a security guard they rented to watch them work on the power lines.  But the large words “POLICE” on the side of the vehicle and the fact that some of the county cars stopped and spoke with him on occasion, pointed to a certain legitimacy. It wasn’t until I decided to write this and took the picture that I realized he was an officer for TVA .

I was going to write this up as a wow what a crappy job he has post. Then I thought about one of my first jobs that I liked so much. I worked in one of those little kiosks in a gas station. I sat on my butt all day, smoked cigarette after cigarette and consumed a box of ding dongs and a 2 liter of Coke every day. I thought it was great at the time except for the customers that kept interrupting me as I was listening to the Astros, Oilers or rock on the radio.

This guy has it better, no customers.

Should I buy him a doughnut? Heck no I’m running out to see if I can find a box of Ding Dongs.





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