If the shoe fits


My momma always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where the go, where they’ve been.

Forrest Gump

I love quoting Forrest and do it on an almost weekly basis.

One of my little hobbies is finding bargains that are impossible to pass up. I was out shopping for pants today. I found some acceptable pants which were 2 inches smaller in the waist than what I have been wearing the last 3 years (Not so subtle non hidden brag).

I then headed to the Nike outlet store to  see what they had in the clearance section. I kept trying on shoes in my size that were too small for some reason. There could be a possibility that my waist weight all went to my feet since I haven’t really dropped a lot of weight.

I ended up finding the above pictured pair of suede Nike shoes for $9.99 minus 30% off, and they fit! I was so proud and I took them up to be rung up and the total was $7.48 with tax.

Then the young lady asked me which shoe I had tried on. I thought this was a strange question and what business was it of hers anyway. But I played along and told her I had tried them both on. Then came an even more strange follow up question, “Which one fit?”.  Now I was getting a little indignant, why they both fit of course, which was why I was at the register attempting to purchase them. What kind of idiot would buy shoes that both didn’t fit?

Apparently me, as one was a size larger than the other. So while the manager went to find the matching shoe to my size, the young lady and I had a long discussion on why people’s feet were always a match. It really seems to me that more people would have different size feet than the same. Why the perfect symmetry?

Before I could delve too much deeper into the philosophical side of feet, my other shoe arrived and we finished the transaction.

Don’t you step on my Black Suede Shoes.




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