A new cat and a cat satellite dish!


Well now home entertainment was my baby’s wish
So I hopped into town for a satellite dish
I tied it to the top of my Japanese car
I came home and I pointed it out into the stars
A message came back from the great beyond
There’s fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on

Poor Hope went to the vet this week to find a cure for her whore cat ways. We couldn’t take any more of her squallering and the stapler and dog got tired of the unwanted affection.  This is the first time after a spay that the vet ever put the collar on the kitty and I’m not sure that it is completely necessary. This being my favorite vet that I have ever visited, I decided we would follow her instructions.


While visiting one of my stores last week the poor kitty pictured above captured my heart. She had lived in the trailer park next door and the people had moved out abandoning her. By the time I discovered her she had been living in a bush next to the store and living off of the kindness of my employees. So I have now set a new personal best in both number of indoor cats and number of litter boxes. Four and three. Laila wants to call her LeLe, but I think it sounds too much like a Chinese Panda name.

We have now officially reached our pet capacity.




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