Spring break plans firmed up!


I was trying to decide where to take the kids on spring break and  I started messing around on priceline again and bid $50 a night for a three star hotel for three nights near Universal Studios Orlando. I was kind of shocked when it was accepted.

We are staying at the Doubletree right across from universal Studios. When I was living in Winter Haven, Islands of Adventure was my favorite theme park to visit. It was mostly due to their great coasters. I love the Hulk coaster. Dueling Dragons, which is two coasters that actually interact with each other by coming straight at each other and rolling over each other are two awesome coasters. I hear they are renaming them and incorporating them into the Harry Potter theme. I will be pissed if they are not open when we are there due to the remodel.

Funniest story was whenever someone would come visit I would take them there to ride the Hulk. Well there is a bar directly across from coaster where we would like to stop for a few brews in between rides. Being the friendly sort  of person I am I befriended the bar tender. I had probably seen him about 4 times when we had a work field trip there. I pointed my co workers to the bar for some refreshments since we had a long evening the night before. When I walked in the bartender recognized me by name like a Norm from Cheers. My boss was a little concerned about me from that point forward in a how the heck do you know the bartender at a theme park sort of way.

We have booked a dinner at Medieval Times,  so that should be fun.

Also planning on heading to Giordano’s to get my Chicago pizza fix.

I am most excited that Joseph, Laila’s youngest son will be making the trip with us. It’s like the Brady Bunch, with less kids, no bell bottoms and no maid.

I need the break and I will explain why later.




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