Riding the storm out!


And I’m not missing a thing
Watching the full moon crossing the range
Riding the storm out

– REO Speedwagon

Well we got snowed on again.  I believe we got 2 inches at the house.

Sometimes procrastination does pay. My phone started ringing at 7:30 AM this morning with various employees from work telling me they were having difficulties getting to work and getting their stores open. Now after 25 years of doing this type of work I realized that the first call would be the first of many. So now I am up pre 8 AM on a Saturday. Since I seldom find myself in this predicament I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle it. I decided I would burn some time and clean up my e-mail in box from work, but that only got me to 8:30. I surfed the internet and played solitare on the computer, but that barely got me to 9:15. I kept looking out the front window thinking to myself that I was going to have to go out and blow the drive way clear of the snow.

Since I had gotten frost bite the last time I did that and my fingers still hurt to this day from it, I decided to procastinate as long as possible.

In fact I procastinated so long, that after my nap today, the snow had melted from the driveway by itself.

Early bird gets the worm, he can have it!





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